Borsch VenturesBorsch Ventures

We address the challenges that Ukraine is currently facing

  • limited access to markets
  • weak business expertise possessed by Ukrainian researchers and innovators
  • limited financial resources

Borsch philosophy

Every Ukrainian family has its own recipe of Borsch with different ingredients that despite the same traditions always has the unique taste. We as Borsch Ventures are doing quite the same: we gather people, ideas and projects to ‘cook’ and create the dish with outstanding taste – the globally focused company with disruptive innovation.

Technologies and industries


Currently, Borsch Ventures has a growing portfolio of companies, while a number of start-ups and projects are being developed at Borsch Incubator

KM  211

Design Center KM211 develops a range of CPU and DSP architectures, smart cards, sim cards, RFID chips, cryptography and other IP cores.


eFarmer develops simple solutions for smart agriculture for family-owned farms around the world.


INTO develops the modern tools for an educational process automation.


POLYTEDA develops cloud-ready PV-flow for EDA based on the fastest and most accurate flat engine on the market with hierarchical and multi-CPU capabilities.


UAVITER develops the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Integrated Systems to offer a user full control over a long distance.

KM Labs

KM Labs’ Center of competence with its industrial and scientific laboratory developed a new technology for nanopowders industrial production.

bicycle Smart e-bike

Innovative electrical bike that functions as a platform for integrating personal gadgets.

Our Team

Evgeni Utkin


Bohdan Kupych

Vice Chairman

Alla Oliinyk

Managing Partner

Ihor Kabanenko


Danylo Sytnikov


Victor Tsyba